Mystery Night Bird Sound

Accomplished naturalist Dave Owen heard this bird off and on all summer. This past week he was able to get some digital recordings and he writes the following: "This bird was heard on the north bank of the eno river at west point park in durham, nc beginning around june 1, 2007 until this recording which made on october 3, 2007. It was usually heard at dusk or for an hour thereafter, and also at dawn. Its repeated calls would last from several seconds to up to thirty minutes. It seemed to come from up in the tree canopy at heights varying from 20 to 50 feet. I never saw it or heard it's physical movement." dave owen
Click here to listen to the mystery night call.

The vocalization starts off fairly quiet but gets louder later in the recording. The file is a .mov file and is about a minute & a half long.

Durham, NC
2 Oct 2007

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