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Brief Description

The Carolinas Butterfly Monitoring Program (CarBMP) aims to track butterfly populations using scientifically sound, standardized survey methods as well as opportunistic sightings across both North and South Carolina. This Community Science based program partners with non-profit and government organizations, offers public outreach, encourages interaction between the general public and professional biologists, and provides data to researchers evaluating the health of habitats and insect populations in the Carolinas.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Carolinas Butterfly Monitoring Program is to:

A Little Background

The potential dire consequences of declining insect populations across the globe have become a focal issue in both scientific circles and the general public. This recent increased attention has not only highlighted the consequences of losing the ecosystem services insects provide, such as pollination, but has also revealed a dearth of rigorous, long term population studies. Despite rising concern among scientists, the scientific evidence for global and even regional declines is still weak; many of the key studies are based on results with very limited spatial and temporal replication, so it is difficult to support conclusions. In order to better document how widespread these declines may be, we critically need more scientifically produced data on insect populations. Establishing biodiversity monitoring programs like the CarBMP is a key to understanding the future of natural resources, and this is especially true in the Carolinas where rapid population growth and urban expansion are accelerating at a very high rate. We welcome you to join the CarBMP, enjoy some time outside, and become a part of our growing community science program.

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If you want to start a survey route, contact Jeff Pippen at jeffpippen9 AT

To learn more about how the project works, click here to see the Protocols page.

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