North Carolina Wildflowers

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Yellow Wild Indigo (Baptisia tinctoria) Yellow Wild Indigo (Baptisia tinctoria)
Person Co., NC 13 June 2006

Showy yellow flowers blooming from spring to fall, this species is uncommon to fairly common in various dry-soils habitats across the state. It's the most common Baptisia in NC and is recognized by its small leaflets, small flowers, & small fruits. Wild Indigos are caterpillar host plants for a few butterflies including Frosted Elfin and Wild Indigo Duskywing.

Baptisia Wild Indigo sp. (Baptisia sp.)
Pender Co., NC 23 Apr 2006

This individual is not typical of any Baptisia species known from NC. Perhaps it's a first state record Baptisia lanceolata (as suggested by Bill Stringer). Alternatively, could it be a hybrid B. tinctoria x cinerea as postulated by Bruce Sorrie?

Yellow Wild Indigo (Baptisia tinctoria) Wild Indigo sp. (Baptisia sp.)
Pender Co., NC 23 Apr 2006

Annotated habitat and distribution information listed above is from Radford, Ahles, & Bell. 1968. Manual of the Vascular Flora of the Carolinas. UNC Press; and from personal observations and discussions with Will Cook, Harry LeGrand, and Bob Wilbur. Common names from personal experience and supplemented by the following resources USDA plants website, Flora of the Carolinas, Virginia, and Georgia, and NatureServe.

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