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Some people and projects I work with at the Duke FACE site...
Vicki, Adrien, Jenny, & Eddie store and catalog leaf samples for nutrient analysis.
Sarah measures the diameter (DBH) of a tree.
Sarah constructs a "dendrometer band" to measure tree growth.
Lauren "vacuum-collects" insects & spiders for diversity studies.
Paul and Edo install a series of sensors in the soil to measure soil moisture, soil temperature, and soil CO2 concentration.
Rae, Shiela, and Suki extract a soil core for analysis.
Forest Service licensed sharp-shooter Tom uses a shotgun to shoot down fresh needles/twigs from the canopy of plots without central walkup towers (September 2004).
Amber & Chantal measure photosynthesis rates (September 2005)
April & Sarah in litterbasket heaven! (November 2004)
April downloads environmental data. (November 2004)
Lina and I are measuring stem-respired CO2 at 3am. (July 2004)
I'm sampling the soil gas for carbon 13 isotope analysis.
In October 2007, we noticed several trees outside of Ring 4 that had suddently died from ips beetle attack. The Duke Forest crew removed these trees to help prevent spread of the beetles into the 8 plots.
For three of the trees, we measured DBH and total height, and had "cookies" cut every meter from ground level to the very top in order to test allometries and reconstruct tree architecture. Here's Melissa measuring total height from one of the felled trees.
Tree cookies from one of the ips beetle-killed trees.
In March 2008, Luke McCormack headed up the installation of 2' x 2' by 1' deep root window boxes as part of his Ph.D. studies at Penn State University. Two sides of the window box are clear plastic that can be cut to isolate and study individual roots as they grow over the next few months.
Superstar and madman Mathieu wields a pick axe excavate holes for the window boxes.
Chris (back) and Luke install two sides of the window box.
Taking advantage of the root window installation were Will and Siyao, who sifted through the excavated soil to remove course roots for further studies.
There I am leading a tour for Prof. Marc Alperin's ecology class from UNC (Nov 2006). Photo by Marc Alperin.

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