Duke Forest Bird Surveys

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Welcome to the Duke Forest Bird Survey information page. While no longer an active research program, these surveys were conducted by volunteers who were interested in monitoring bird usage of the Duke Forest. Established in 2003 and conducted somewhat quarterly in most years until 2014, surveys were conducted along established survey routes (two in the Blackwood Division and two in the Korstian Division) on a seasonal basis:
Winter ~ 1 Feb - 28 Feb
Spring Migration ~20 April - 15 May
Summer Breeding ~1 June - 15 June
Fall Migration ~1 Sep - 30 Sep
Occasionally surveys were conducted outside of these time frames (e.g. as part of the local Christmas Bird Counts), and those data are included in the compiled RESULTS data files as well. Note that one additional route (Korstian #1) was established in the early years, but monitoring of that route did not persist due to logistical issues and volunteer availability.

Survey design was a modified line transect conducted in the style of the National Audubon Society's "Christmas Bird Count" program, with participants walking an established route and recording all individual birds seen and heard, regardless of distance. Distances from transect to the encountered birds were not recorded. Routes were generally conducted first thing in the morning, and each route took about 2-3 hours to complete.

Yellow-rumped Warbler Blue-gray Gnatcatcher Northern Cardinal Turkey Vulture Cedar Waxwing


Survey Tally Sheet
Birds of the Duke Forest


Many thanks to all the folks who have helped conduct surveys or organize the project!

Organizational Support: Mike Burke, Chris & Christie Boyce, Richard Broadwell, Bobbie Collins-Perry, Will Cook, Judd Edeburn, Jeffrey Pippen, Bobbie Reeves.

Bird Survey Leaders: Norm Budnitz, Bob Chase, Tom Driscoll, Kent Fiala, Jeffrey Pippen, Sally Robertson, Jacob Socolar.

Additional participating birders are listed in the results files by date of participation.


Results are organized by route and are placed here in Excel files.
Blackwood Route 1
Blackwood Route 2
Korstian Route 1
Korstian Route 2
Korstian Route 3

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