Florida Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Damselflies

by Jeffrey Pippen
The following pages contain photos I've taken from various trips to Florida, a great state for seeking out good birds & bugs! And here are some of the psycho-field-trippers I've gone with
Pippen & Powell LeGrand Pippen
Dave & Jeff at Deering Estate Harry at Deering Estate Jeff at Kissimmee Prairie Preserve

Here are the photo pages, in phylogenetic order, taken with a Nikon CoolPix 4500 digital camera. All photos are copyright 2003, 2004 Jeffrey Pippen.

(Zebra, Black)

Whites and Sulphurs
(Florida White, Great Southern White, Statira Sulphur, Dina Yellow, Dainty Sulphur)

(Atala, Martial Scrub-Hairstreak, Bartram's Scrub-Hairstreak, Mallow Scrub-Hairstreak, Fulvous Hairstreak, Red-banded Hairstreak, Gray Ministreak)

(Eastern Pygmy-Blue, Cassius Blue, Miami Blue, Nickerbean Blue, Ceraunus Blue)


(Julia Heliconian, Zebra Heliconian, Phaon Crescent, Pearl Crescent, Mangrove Buckeye, Tropical Buckeye, White Peacock, Florida Purplewing, Ruddy Daggerwing, Hackberry Emperor, Carolina Satyr, Georgia Satyr, Monarch, Queen)

Spread-wing Skippers
(Mangrove Skipper, Silver-spotted Skipper, Hammock Skipper, Long-tailed Skipper, Dorantes Longtail, Golden Banded-Skipper, Confused Cloudywing, Florida Duskywing, Tropical Checkered-Skipper)

Grass Skippers
(Swarthy Skipper, Three-spotted Skipper, Southern Skipperling, Fiery Skipper, Baracoa Skipper, Whirlabout, Southern Broken-Dash, Sachem, Delaware Skipper, Zabulon Skipper, Palatka Skipper, Palmetto Skipper, Berry's Skipper, Twin-spot Skipper)

(Cofaqui) (Unfortunately, these are VERY blurry pictures!)

Damselflies and Dragonflies
(probable Common Spreadwing, Variable Dancer, Rambur's Forktail, Regal Darner, Twilight Darner, Band-winged Dragonlet, Seaside Dragonlet, Eastern Amberwing, Great Pondhawk)

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