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Habitats, Vistas, and Field Trippers

Duke Gardens Vistas
Jeff and Bill's Sierra Nevada Psycho Nature Trip!
North Carolina Scenic Piedmont Vistas
North Carolina Drought Photos
Waterfalls of North Carolina
Signs designating North Carolina hiking & recreation spots
Suspended marsh ice during a retreating tide by the USS North Carolina Battleship
17 Frog Pond - a Carolina Bay
Sandhills pinewoods 1 | Sandhills pinewoods 2 - NC Sandhills Gamelands, 1 Oct 2006
Cypress Swamp 1 | Cypress Swamp 2 - Sep 2006
Spanish Moss laden trees at edge of the lower Cape Fear marshes - Aug 2006
Merchants Millpond State Park
Twin Lakes near Sunset Beach - one of NC's top birding spots
Longleaf Pine Woods at Weymouth Woods State Park - 11 June 2003
Cypress Swamp edge at Pettigrew State Park - 21 June 2003
Duckweed covering some quiet water of a cypress swamp - 21 June 2006
Longleaf Pine Savannah at the Green Swamp, NC - 29 May 2003
Longleaf Pine Savannah at the Holly Shelter Gamelands, NC - 28 May 2003
McLean Savanna, NC
Rocky Face Mountain, Alexander Co., NC
Fontana Lake, NC | Power Station at Fontana Lake, NC - Apr 2006
Appalachian Mountains 1 | Appalachian Mountains 2 - Apr 2006
Dam on the Haw River spanning Chatham & Lee Counties, NC - 7 June 2008
Outer Banks, NC
Lake Mattamuskeet, NC
Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, NC
Duke Forest vistas, NC
Cape Fear Lock and Dam #1 | Cape Fear Lock and Dam #1
Rhodendron-surrounded creek in the NC mountains -- good Swainson's Warbler habitat! (Graham Co., NC)
Tom E. seeks a good photo shoot
Joe A. shoots award winning video
Jean prepares to shoot a Green Heron
Freddie-Jeanne fishing for Cottonmouths!
Freddie-Jeanne shoots a dragonfly
Freddie-Jeanne shooting spiders
Freddie-Jeanne shooting salamanders and checking her masterpiece!
Lindsey & Lacey looking at butterflies
Lauren photographs a mantis
Derb "shoots" some Oldsquaws.
Derb admires "his" Harvester
Derb and Will shooting marbles (4/9/2012)
John Dole captures that perfect photo
John Dole stalks a swallowtail puddle party
Stacey searches for butterflies
Harry LeGrand enjoys views of a European Storm-Petrel while Brian Patteson whips out his li'l ol' camera...
Jacob Socolar and Marvin Morales bundled up enjoying pelagic birds on the Miss Hatteras
Harry points out two different pitcher plant species in flower on a recent Carolina Butterfly Society field trip.
Derb Carter, Harry LeGrand, and Jeff Lewis scan Alligator River NWR New!! 3 Mar 2012
Derb Carter, Harry LeGrand, and Jeff Lewis scan Alligator River NWR, different viewpoint
Harry LeGrand explores the rocks behind Dry Falls (clearly a misnomer!)
Harry LeGrand surveys butterflies on Figure 8 Island - August 2005
Harry LeGrand enjoys the spoils after a hard day of butterfly surveys - August 2005
Will Cook & Harry LeGrand explore a glade in Clay Co.
Harry LeGrand and Will Cook wonder when the fog will burn off... - 8 Jan 2005
Will Cook stalks a Cloudless Sulphur
Will Cook photographs an uncommon skipper (Dotted Skipper) on a rare plant (Summer-Farewell)! - 12 Sep 04
Will Cook checks out his Arogos photo, while butterfly continues to nectar on flower in front of him and while Mike Smith checks out the book, Jack Fennel points toward the subject and Parker Backstrom gets a closer look with his binoculars! - 28 Aug 04
Will Cook on the prowl! - 28 Aug 04
Will Cook with a friendly Question Mark on camera bag - 19 May 04
Will Cook admiring friendly Question Mark - 19 May 04
Will Cook in the prairie "jungle" - 21 June 2007
Ricky Davis finally gets his frigatebird! - 18 Jul 04
Will Cook scans for that "perfect bird". - 31 May 2007
Bill and Dave photograph an American Snout (an uncommon butterfly in MI) - 26 June 04
Jeff Pippen and his buddy the hognose snake
Jeff Pippen and another hognose snake -- Photo by John Dole - 3 Sep 06
Jeff Pippen enjoys a Black Rat Snake on a chilly day -- Photo by Will Cook - 2 Dec 05
Toni and her butterfly 1 | Toni and her butterfly 2 -- Duke Gardens - 15 Aug 10
Self portait with a Red-spotted Purple
Jeff Pippen and his friend, the Gray Petaltail, in the NC mountains -- Photo by Gail Lankford - 26 June 04
Jeff Pippen photographing Phaon Crescents at Ft. Fisher, NC -- Photo by Will Cook - 15 May 04
Jeff Pippen photographing Northern Pearly-eyes near our research site in Duke Forest -- Photo by Will Cook - 19 May 04
Brian Patteson assists KP bringing in a Blue Marlin on the Miss Hatteras - 23 May 04
Derb Carter stalking a Sleepy Duskywing in the Sandhills Gamelands - 10 Apr 2004
Jacob Socolar birds the Green Swamp - June 2010
"Tyrannid" assisting me with the Duke Forest Butterfly Project
Explorer at the Duke FACE CO2 research site
Explorer searching for butterflies along Harmon Den Rd.
Butch Pearce chumming for rare birds at the stern of the Miss Hatteras on Valentines Day - 14 Feb 2004
Bill Bouton stalking an American Snout in the Eno River State Park in Orange Co., NC - 29 May 2003 (look closely . . .)
Bill Bouton stalking a Delaware Skipper in Brunswick Co., NC - 27 May 2003
Rob Van Epps stalking his lifer Diana Fritillary in Caldwell Co., NC - 28 June 2003

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